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We speak to you from the future ..



Co-Founder & Executive Coach

For more than two decades, I've had rich experience in the field of business and international academic guidance, and made many achievements in dealing with cross-cultural alignments and civilizational differences problem solving, writer of many scientific articles in the field of vocational guidance and cultural guidance, gave many scientific lectures as a Saudi visitor to Many academic institutions in Canada and America, participated in the establishment and expansion of many scientific and non-profit organizations in Canada.

I am currently working as the General Director of the General Department of the International Center of Queen's University in Canada, well-informed on the latest requirements of the labor market and developments in future jobs.

I am keen to devote part of my time to contribute to the development of others.



Founder & Executive Coach

20 + years in the private sector, participated in starting up, establishing, organizing and hiring for more than 200 international and local organizations.

Active Headhunter & Executives' recruiter, well-updated about the jobs' market recent and trending requirements.

I will make sure to guide you through the best professional & personal development methods in the market. 

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Senior Career Counselor

Through the challenges I've been through, during the past 16 years on both professional and academic fields.

And the projects which I participated in setting up and launching, the people I've hired and trained so far, I gained a lot of lessons' learned which am pleased to share some out of it with you as a Majalak customer.

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Senior Career Counselor

Am a customer care, HR, Recruitment & Facility Management professional.

Participated in more than 17 projects which were either a new startups, or transforming & expanding organizations. 

Happy to serve Majalak customers through their path in any of the fields I have experience in, and if I don't have the required field experience I will be pleased to suggest the right subject matter expert to you.

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HR & Recruitment Senior Consultant, Career Counselor & scientific articles author

18+ years in both government and private sectors, worked in multinational organizations, in the fields of Talent Management, Culture and Engagement, Organizational Behavior, Talent Acquisition , Learning and Development, Career Coaching. 

I hold a Bachelor and a Master degrees in Human Resources Management.

I am pleased to dedicate some of my daily time for the education, advancement, guidance of potential talents in Saudi Arabia. 



Professional Photographer & Digital Producer

Proactive, and self-starter professional with wide-ranged engagement in projects management and reporting with 4+ years as a projects Manager. Proven experience in cross-functional and cross-cultural project management. Leverage strong problem-solving skills in analyzing complex issues and developing effective solutions. 

Am a professional Photographer & Digital Producer,  I will be more than happy to dedicate some of my time to support you enhance your profile with the required aesthetics touches..



To be 1st choice in KSA & Gulf countries for activating the skills and capabilities of any human being to be distinguished in his/her field

We seek to enable people to build themselves and develop their capabilities to achieve their goals



We view the human being as an essential element and the capital for the success of any society, organization or group.


We believe that innovation is the key to success. As technology and global economies are in a very rapid development, indifference to this continuous acceleration will lead any business system to the shortest way out of the labor market. Only those who believe in innovation in business can survive in this fast-paced world.

We enjoy what we do, and we work with what we enjoy doing, so we have specific and consistent criteria for selecting our partners and team members who have a genuine interest in the areas of advice and the consulting world.
There is nothing more enjoyable than supporting people in seeing their goals come true.



We do not compliment our clients at the expense of their professional advancement, and we only reflect to them the truth and frankness about the evaluations and tests that support their development, and we will spare no effort in that. The reputation of our clients is no less important than the reputation of our organization. Therefore, you will find from us only realistic feedbacks regarding the results of the sessions, as well as with regard to the recommendations required to improve your current level.

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